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About MSM Group

MSM Hospitality is a dream conjured up by three ambitious young entrepreneurs to provide boutique travel services to niche clientele visiting a beautiful exotic dream called India.

Being regular travelers and adventure enthusiasts they felt a big lacunae in the regular travel services being performed dispassionatley. The exposure abroad while handling group travels to different countries across the globe also helped in understanding the needs of the well travelled.

So while we continued to handle many large conferences, events as well as leisure tours we could not help observing that the traveler's many small needs were often left ignored while concentrating on the basics. Surprisingly, these needs were simple and perhaps mattered most to them.

MSM Hospitality is an attempt to create friends and not clientele. We want to make sure that you feel that you are among friends and not in a foreign land. We want you to remember us as the friendly tigers from this dense, rich jungle named India - land of the mystique.


The young firebrand. He has done his graduation in leisure Management from Birmingham University from UK .He did his MBA and is our marketing specialist. He is an avid traveler. He has travelled to places which are not on the tourist map.


An MBA but he prefers the outdoors more than the indoors. He once travelled all cross India on a budget of 50 USD and that is an interesting story that you must ask when you meet up with him. He is your answer to Golfing needs in India. An avid Golfer he has played golf all across the world and loves to talk about it. He is the one who will be with you when you have something you need and if he doesn’t knows it, he will find it for you.