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MSM Hospitality Services
MSM Hospitality Services
MSM Hospitality Services
MSM Hospitality Services
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5 & 6 December, 2009

MSM has taken responsibility to organize the "International Children's Continence Society"...

1st Mar - 4th Mar 2009

MSM has successfully organized the "20th International Symposium"...

MSM Hospitality Services
MSM Hospitality Services

Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) - MSM Hospitality Services

MSM Hospitality Services
A View of The Conference Room

MSM Hospitality Services believes in becoming a part of the conference and its involvement begins right from the inception and planning stage.

The services will include deciding, Best Time for the Event, unless specified Best Location and Venue Generating feasibility report of the Venue Booking the Conference Venue in time Advising and Booking the accommodation for Delegates Liaising with Venue and organizing deposits Updating contacts with venue Managers Advising and organizing promotional material for the Conference Arranging for Sponsors Organizing social programmes for the delegates and accompanying partners Arranging Transportation for Delegates Organizing special tour programmes of nearby attractions.


Pre- Conference

  • Communications regarding participation, travel arrangements, hotel rooms
  • Design & printing stationery, brochures, invitation cards
  • Media & public relations
  • Protocol
  • Security
  • Delegate badges
  • Logistics


  • Audio-visual equipment
  • Floral arrangements
  • Registration
  • Hall management
  • Documentation including translation
  • Exhibition & stand-up displays
  • Accompanying persons programmes


  • Tours
  • Reports
  • Winding-up
  • Preparation of the final report on the conference.
  • Coordination of all Post- Conference matters and closing of bank accounts.
MSM Hospitality Services